A Neglected Haunted Jungle Shrine

‘Infantryman’s calvary where the torment of exertion, the gnawing sweat, the craving the sorrowful shuddering evenings were made diminish by fatigue’s benevolent medication. Without a doubt no war was battled under more awful conditions than these. Most likely no war has requested all the more a man in strength. Indeed, even Gallipoli or Crete or […]

Notes From the Jungle – Pura Vida

The sultry air encompassed me as I battled my way through hordes of men holding cardboard signs with explorers names wrote crosswise over them. The heaviness of my knapsack and two expansive lightweight suitcases sent issues through my shoulders and down my arms. My heart hustled uncontrollably as I examined my surroundings looking for my […]

Composing Haunted House Stories

Air hits your character with unease. Consider the houses that may be in your neighborhood. You know the one: It’s the house that people on foot cross the road to maintain a strategic distance from. The house secondary school understudies set out to go through a night, past the squeaking ways to watchfully investigate the […]